Old connections, new ways

I believe in people and in the power that lies in them. It just needs the right words, the right help, the right actions and that power will come to light. If you believe that life is not beautiful, stop right now and look around you! Look how many good things can happen in a day! Be grateful!

Recently, I met this wonderful person that believes in the good in this world, so the good repaid her. Her name is Misha Leah, she was born in Romania in 1989 and was adopted when she was 2 years old. Now she lives in the United States in California. She found her birthmother on Facebook and has been on a true adventure since then. Starting with New Year’s when her mother wrote back, she has been learning more and more things about her blood family with each day.

I helped her translating the things she wanted to say to her mother in Romanian and the things her mother told her in English. I can’t express how much happiness I felt knowing that I helped them communicate. It would’ve been very hard, because Google Translate can’t get across the message, only some words, so knowing both languages, it was easier for me to try and find the right words that express the right feelings.

Misha is a gorgeous young lady, who loves making art and living beautifully. Her major in college was Art. This is her online Etsy shop, if you would like to see and buy some gorgeous earrings or paintings.

She found out she has two sisters: Ana is in the 8th grade and Manuela is married and has two daughters. She also has a brother, Alexander, who is in Malta. Their life is quite hard, but they keep on going forward. Her adoptive family is numerous too, she also has two sisters and a brother.

 “It is so nice to hear about my sisters and brother. It would be so amazing to meet them and you. I will keep good thoughts for Dad’s surgery. I would love to know your address, to send you things. You seem like a strong woman even though things are hard. I wonder how alike we are. A little about me, I love doing arts and crafts, nature, playing guitar, and animals. My job for awhile has been babysitting and I sell my arts and crafts sometimes. I make candles, jewelry, paintings, drawings, little bags, and wool baby shoes. I really enjoy creating. I am having this amazing dear girl of a heart help me translate. I would love your address to send you things. Love you” – a message to her mother

The most exciting thing is that she found out about an Israel birthright. It’s the last year she can go, but it’s a free roundtrip with all expenses paid. Also many people extend and go out in Europe, to other places. And she thought about going to Romania, it would be much cheaper like this, from Israel to Romania. It would be a one in a lifetime opportunity, so I hope she will succeed. This would mean that I would help her with the language and everything else, once she gets in Romania and I couldn’t be more happy and grateful that I can help.

I hope everything turns out alright for this bright soul and she gets to meet her family. And don’t ever forget: there is good in the world, there is good in the people, you just have to look for it and you will find it when you least expect it!


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