Divergent, Insurgent și …

Veronica Roth a anunțat titlul oficial al celei de-a treia carte din distopia care a facut-o celebra! Oare care e?


rothAllegiant! That’s the title of the conclusion to Veronica Roth’s best-selling Divergent trilogy, Roth announces in this video.

The young adult series stars teenage Tris Prior and is set in dystopian Chicago. In Allegiant, which goes on sale Oct. 22 from HarperCollins, Tris faces impossible choices about where her loyalties lie and how she will live in the world beyond the walls of her dystopian Chicago.

The first book in the series, Divergent (2011), peaked at No. 31 on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling books list and the second, Insurgent (2012), reached No. 10.

About the new title, „You gotta have the -ent (ending),'” Roth, 24, told USA TODAY’s Brian Truitt when he interviewed her about Insurgent last year. Roth has jokingly been referring to Divergent book No. 3 on her blog with the title Detergent. The Divergent trilogy was purchased when Roth was still in college at Northwestern.

Fans will soon be able to show their allegiance at the box office. The Divergent movie started filming in Chicago in this month and stars Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) and Kate Winslet. It’s directed by Neil Burger and will be released by Summit Entertainment.

Click aici pentru videoclipul in care anunta titlul! 

2 comments on “Divergent, Insurgent și …

  1. Iulia spune:

    Pai nu am citit seria deci nu stiu ce zic decat ca e un nume sugestiv,cred😕

  2. Diana spune:

    Ma asteptam sincer la un titlu terminat in ”ent”, insa si acesta pare destul de bine ales. Majoritatea fanilor de pe tumblr preconizau ca se va numi Detergent =)) Ceea ce evident mi se pare teribil de amuzant.
    Acum sa vedem ce ne rezerva cartea..Totusi mai sunt atatea luni! O sa murim incet, dar sigur .

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