Touching the Surface by Kimberly Sabatini |Review & Giveaway

Touching the Surface by Kimberly Sabatini is one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read. The story is unfolding slowly to the reader, revealing the things Elliot finds about herself and the people she loves. Several themes such as friendship, love, life and afterlife are present in the book and Kimberly gives them a new, unique meaning. It was pure delight to read such a fantastic tale and I truly recommend it!

The characters were very different from one another, but I loved them and I could relate to them easily. Elliot is an ordinary teenage girl who tries to find who she was in her former lives and work out solutions to her problems. I loved how she discovered more and more, delving in her past. Oliver was that one friend you can always count on, who would never let you down even at your worst times. Trevor is the misunderstood boy who has a good heart deep inside. Elliot loves them both because they are her anchors  when the world is falling apart. I just loved the relationship between them which Kimberly so lovely described. Mel is the loving, kindhearted guide willing to help them anytime, the support everyone needs.

Humor and seriousness were intertwined nicely. Trevor’s T-shirt messages were just hilarious and I couldn’t have thought of another better way of expressing his feelings. The passages in which Elliot delves are my favourite, I was just as curious as Elliot to know how she ended up dead. Each character has to introspect in order to move on which I believe everyone should do to have a full life.


I also found very interesting the take of Kimberly on life and afterlife, of hell and heaven. Sometimes it’s just reassuring to think that hell and heaven are just states of mind and that the presence or absence of your true love can be just as heaven or hell.

There’s no destination hell, no location for heaven. There’s life and afterlife which translates into- just more life.

The symbol of the bird was present all over the book: the paper cranes that are the sign of loyalty, the eagles that Elliot loves to watch, I think they are just the projection of the idea of freedom. Also, my favourite chapter was the one entitled Falling or Flying? which just melted my heart. And have I mentioned how much I love the cover, with all those cranes flying around?

Cranes are supposed to be extremely loyal. Legend says that if you fold a thousand cranes you’ll be granted a wonderful wish, like a long life.

Finally, Touching the Surface is a beautiful story. The growth of the characters, how they figured out their paths and the love story were the highlights of the book. I loved experiencing this amazing story and can’t wait to read another book by Kimberly.



I am giving away 5 bookmarks signed by the author of the book Touching the Surface. All you have to do is send an email at thesearchforsmthmore with the sincere answer to What would you regret not doing if you died? I will choose the best answers according to originality. This giveaway starts today and ends on the 21st of April 2013. Good luck!


Puteți câștiga 5 semne de carte semnate de autoarea cărții Touching the Surface. Tot ce trebuie sa faceți este să trimiteți un mail la adresa thesearchforsmthmore cu raspunsul sincer la întrebarea Ce vei regreta că nu ai făcut dacă ai muri? Voi alege cele mai bune răspunsuri în funcție de originalitate. Acest concurs începe astăzi și se termină pe 21 aprilie 2013. Mult succes!

Dare to Delve… You’ve only touched the surface.


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