The Nine Lives Of Chloe King

The Nine Lives Of Chloe King este o serie de carti formata din trei volume : The Fallen,The Stolen si The Chosen, ecranizata intr-un serial sub acelasi nume de catre ABC Family( cei care au produs si Pretty Little Liars – Micutele Mincinoase).

Chloe King was a normal sixteen-year-old girl.

She did her homework and got good grades, but she wasn’t afraid to ditch class sometimes to hang out with her best friends. She slept at home, but otherwise avoided all human contact with her mom. The usual stuff.

Then she fell from San Francisco’s highest tower, and her life changed. For starters, she died. And then, she woke up.

Now Chloe’s life is anything but normal: Suddenly guys are prowling around her, she’s growing claws, and someone’s trying to kill her.

Luckily for Chloe, she still has eight lives to go.

She argues with her mother. She occasionally skips class. And she alternately crushes on two totally different boys.

But Chloe King is by no means your typical teenager. The girl can scale buildings and see in the dark. Sometimes, at night, she even likes to leap from rooftop to rooftop. Yes, Chloe has the instincts and ability of a cat. And that makes her unique indeed.

It also makes her a wanted woman.

Because the Order of the Tenth Blade does not deal kindly with people like Chloe. It stalks them. Preys upon them. And wants many of them – like Chloe, for instance – dead.

Mi se pare o serie atat de interesanta si sunt asa de bucuros fiindca EDITURA LEDA a contractat-o deja! Le multumesc inca o data pentru atentia pe care o acorda fanilor si pentru seriile exceptionale pe care „le pescuiesc” cu mare grija numai pentru noi.

Aveti aici si un trailer al serialului. Primul episod a aparut azi si il puteti vedea si voi downloadand-ul de pe torrente. Si apoi reveniti aici si puteti sa-mi spuneti cum vi s-a parut( fiindca si eu o sa-l vad, oricum) :D.


Un comentariu la “The Nine Lives Of Chloe King

  1. Lory Wu spune:

    Mi-a placut primul episod.De abia astept sa citesc seria.
    Ah! Zilele trecute am ridicat cartea de la posta(Reginele Dragon).Multumesc frumos atat pentru carte cat si pentru semnul de carte!

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